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With every music festival comes an explosion of personal expression through fashion. At the AthFest music and arts festival, attendees were able to personify who they are with the clothes they wore. Comfort, versatility and creativity were the hallmarks of the outfits worn by festival-goers.

The Red & Black spoke with attendees about their choice of outfit for the day and what they had in mind when putting it together.

Mallory Howard wore a floral sundress to AthFest on Saturday. (Photo/Sidney Chansamone)

Mallory Howard

what they wore:

Howard’s tan floral-patterned sundress was from Old Navy, her white leather sneakers with a bronze accent panel on the back of the shoe were from Walmart, and her pink hippie-style sunglasses were Ray-Bans.

Howard kept the high humidity and heat of the day in mind when creating her outfit. “Summer dresses are the way to go,” Howard said.


Hannah Kemelmakher and Thomas Sporer dressed with the heat in mind for AthFest Saturday. (Photo/Sidney Chansamone)

Hannah Kemelmakher and Thomas Spoerer

what they wore:

Kemelmakher first pointed to his space cat-patterned socks that Spoerer had given him, then explained that the rest of his outfit had been spared or passed on to him. Her cropped tank top was passed down to her from her aunt in London, her sky blue polka dot ruffled shorts came from a local thrift store in Athens and her accessories came from her friends.

Spoerer wore low-top brown leather sneakers that Kemelmakher had found for him while diving in a dumpster, a Grateful Dead tie-dye graphic t-shirt that he had bought on a trip to the West Country and his army green baggy shorts — which used to be the convertible-to-zip-shorts-style pants, but he’s lost the bottom of them, so they’re just shorts now.


Matt Calonius And Mitchell Cassaday dressed in fashionable outfits for AthFest on Saturday. (Photo/Sidney Chansamone)

Matt Calonius and Mitchell Cassaday

what they wore:

Calonius wore an abstract patterned button down shirt by Shein, Doc Martens and rolled up gray shorts with a brown leather belt. Cassaday wore a colorful and flowy button-up shirt from America’s Thrift Store, dark green ASOS shorts from America’s Thrift Store and boots he found on Tuesday morning.

They both dressed with their best attire in mind, not paying much attention to the heat. Calonius joked that he wore all black and it was a bad decision due to the beating sun.


Mo.Et and Dominique Shaw dressed in occasion outfits with fashion and comfort in mind. (Photo/Sidney Chansamone)

Mo.Et and Dominique Shaw

what they wore:

Music artist Mo.Et mostly wore second-hand finds and white Nike Blazers. Shaw also wore second-hand clothes and a splash of color with his pink Fly Studios trucker hat.

Mo.Et and Shaw kept comfort in mind when creating their outfits, primarily with Mo.Et’s loose, baggy pants and Shaw’s simple denim shorts and white t-shirt jumpsuit.

In order to beat the heat, most attendees wore tank tops, sundresses, shorts, and loose t-shirts and pants to be most comfortable in the weather and have the best time supporting the artists and local Athens groups.

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