Trust Bison X Golf Ball Review


There are four golf balls in the Trust Bison range – all are designed with a urethane cover to provide golfers with high levels of feel, spin control and durability. Importantly, they all come at a fairly competitive price of just under £30 per dozen. In this video and this article, we reveal the performance of this ball during our tests.

Trust Bison X Golf Ball Review

The four options in the range are: The Bison Soft – which is designed for players with swing speeds below 95 mph. The Bison V for golfers with driver swing speeds of 95-100 mph. The Bison X for speeds between 105 and 110 and the Bison XL for players with swing speeds over 110 mph.

I wanted to see how these balls performed so I ordered a dozen Bison X’s from Amazon (which would be the best fit for my game) and tested them on a launch monitor and on the course to see if they could be considered among the best golf balls on the market this year.

Trust Bison X at

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I will start with the short game and in particular the feeling. It’s fair to say that it’s a pretty firm golf ball – something I noticed when chipping and putting. While it was noticeably firmer than I would have liked, the spin control from 50 yards out was impressive. At 6261 rpm it spun more for me in this range than the likes of the TaylorMade Tour Response and Wilson Triad (both mid-priced urethane coated balls) I’ve recently tested and only around 1000 rpm/ min less than I was able to get with the Titleist Pro V1x.

The 7 iron performance was also good. The numbers were pretty comparable to the Titleist Pro V1x. The Bison X offered similar levels of spin and was only a meter shorter in the air.

Where this ball impressed me the most was off the tee. Often if you drop the price ranges, especially as a faster swinger, the ball can miss a bit of distance off the tee – something we found with the Kirkland Signature 2.0 golf ball. In my launch monitor tests, the Titleist Pro V1x came out on top – spinning a little less and carrying about 10 yards farther. But while I was testing this on the course, the distance drop didn’t seem that big. My feeling is that this golf ball – as a mid-priced urethane option – performs well over the long haul. And that makes it a good all-rounder.

Trust Bison X vs. Srixon Q Star Diamond

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The last thing to mention is the finish. As you can see from the image above, this ball has a shiny, shimmery look that I wasn’t a big fan of. It stands out for its look compared to other balls in this category. It wasn’t for me.

Other than that, I was impressed with the overall performance offered by the Trust Bison X golf ball. It is a worthy contender in the category of best mid-priced golf balls. With four different options in the lineup, golfers shouldn’t have to make the same compromises on long and short game performance as with other options at this price point.

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