Stereotypical marks of a Miami student


Many of you are probably like me and wear some of these stereotypical brands wherever you are on campus. Everyone loves a good pair of Lululemon leggings or GymShark shorts, right? If you’ll be offended at being called a stereotypical Miami student, don’t read on.


A relative newcomer to Miami’s sartorial scene, gym hardos work out GymShark at Miami’s run-down fitness center while benching a 300-pound rep or in class at the Farmer Castle of Business. If you hear an obnoxious growl while visiting the Rec, just turn your head towards the mating call of a gym rat and you’ll see a beefcake wearing head-to-toe GymShark gear.

The moment someone puts on GymShark, they crank up their Beats headphones to the max and start yelling what their split is at someone who probably doesn’t care. Forget to read the warning label and you will somehow forget that normal human beings swing their arms when they walk.

“Why does this guy keep flexing in the mirror?” …”Oh, he’s wearing GymShark.” »


A favorite among Miami fraternity boys, this Australia-based company produces some of the most versatile sandals your parents can buy.

In summer and winter, you can comfortably wear these shoes with these nike swoosh ankle socks which were white before wearing them on Brick Street.

Walker’s in Uptown Oxford probably brings a lot of diners selling Birkenstocks to Miami’s ELITE upper class.

Follow someone wearing this socks and sandals combo to find the nearest fraternity.

The north face

By far the most popular backpack brand on campus, The North Face creates products suitable for scaling 14,000-foot peaks or for breathless students as they climb the mountain starting with quad biking. academically and finishing at Chipotle on High Street.

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Miami college students choose this backpack as their companion because of its unparalleled ability to hide booze purchased at The Den. North Face backpacks appear to be full of textbooks when in reality this feature allows you to bring large amounts of alcohol into your residence virtually undetected.

The relationship between Miami students and North Face backpacks rivals that of Dora and her incredible singing backpack.

Canada Goose

Obviously, Canada Goose jackets were the top Christmas for many Miami students this year and Santa came in the clutch.

When I returned from J-Term, I could look in any direction to see someone looking snug in a Canada Goose winter parka while I froze in shorts and a sweatshirt. shirt. Why anyone would want a coat that costs the same as a tuition payment is beyond me, but I know that many gallant geese died so Miami students could stay warm.

Let’s take a moment and remember the many fallen geese that have died so that we can be warm during the freezing Ohio winters.

Bagel and charcuterie

Are you blond? In a sorority? Do you wear oversized sweatshirts with leggings? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re probably the proud owner of one of those infamous Bagel and Deli sweatshirts. Apparently, a Miami tour guide saw over 31 college students wearing these sweatshirts on one of his 90-minute tours.

If you answered yes to all of these questions, then you probably own the pink version and are wearing it right now, regardless of whether the 75 degree heat is beaming down on us.

This sweatshirt pays homage to a band nearly as iconic as Oxford’s most beloved drunken diner spot and has found a happy home among many Miami students.


I would be remiss if I did not mention Lululemon on this list. Lululemon easily wins the title of the most stereotypical brand on the Miami campus. The amount of money that was spent on Lululemon apparel in Miami rivals the amount of my tuition funneled to the FSB.

What’s the secret to making these high waisted leggings so comfortable? Obviously, the little logo adds to the supreme comfort of these incredibly unique leggings. Leggings that look exactly the same cost a third of the price, but don’t have that logo, and they’re not nearly as comfortable.

Also, I heard from an anonymous source that Lulu harvests the souls of dying lemons in order to masterfully craft such incredibly soft material. Oxford desperately needs a Lululemon store to better serve University of Miami students.

Click here to sign a petition to make this happen!

Although this list is not exhaustive, it certainly covers some of the most stereotypical.

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