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What type of savings account can I start saving on?

Learn how saving is not difficult . Sometimes you just need to open a savings account to get closer to the dream of having that fund that allows you to study, travel, get together to buy your first apartment, etc.

For those who do not have financial experience, opening a savings account can raise different questions. In this note we teach you more about the subject and we give you the tips you need to know to choose among the best savings accounts .

What is a savings account?

What is a savings account?

These types of accounts are the best alternative to save money and are usually more flexible than a checking account where there is usually a collection of taxes for some transactions.

One of the benefits of savings accounts is that they help you get profitable. Unlike fixed-term savings accounts , simple savings accounts allow you to have your money available at any time.

What benefits does a savings account offer me?

What benefits does a savings account offer me?

Savings accounts allow you to earn interest for the money you have deposited in them and most of these types of accounts do not charge commissions. Many savings accounts can be opened from scratch soles .

How do I choose the best savings account for me?

How do I choose the best savings account for me?

In order to choose the best savings account it is important that you consider different factors. If you will not use it only to save and you will have the cash in them, the ideal is that you choose a savings account in a bank that has agencies, ATMs, etc. near you.

The best savings account for you may be the one that is most practical. Check that it allows you to make transactions online (if you are one of those who carry out this type of operations).

Also ask how many free-of-charge transactions you have with the type of savings account you have chosen . So you can decide on the one that best suits your needs.

How to open a savings account?

To open a savings account you must approach the bank of your interest with the original and the copy of your identity document. Sometimes a copy of the service receipt is also usually requested. The latter is requested when your address is not the same as that of your ID.

We recommend that before opening your savings account you review the information that the SBS provides. Thus a bank with fewer claims from customers is usually a better alternative.

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