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External consumer credit insurance



Founded in 1953 and a subsidiary of the PNM Saritase Group, Yoabank is a French credit organization specializing in consumer loans, a market in which it is the leader in Continental Europe. Yoabank now offers its customers all types of loans (real estate loans, car loans, consumer loans, etc.).

Provide consumer credit

Provide consumer credit

The realization of a request for bank credit to finance a property, the credit organization Yoabank offers you to subscribe to a credit insurance bank to insure your loved ones as well as your real estate assets: “Yoabank group insurance offer” You certainly know it but today, with the lagard law device you can freely choose your loan insurance offer and thus lower the cost of your Yoabank banking real estate loan.

Compare Pricing Consumer Insurance

Compare Pricing Consumer Insurance

Choose between a Yoabank guarantee and external credit insurance offers with the comparative credit insurance tool.

Consumer credit insurance delegation

Find out all the solutions to guarantee a loan based on your borrower profile with a loan guarantee untied

Yoabank: Redemption Insurance, Redemption Loan

Yoabank: Redemption Insurance, Redemption Loan

In order to protect you during the repayment period of your Yoabank loan repurchase, you will need to purchase borrower insurance. Thanks to the Cogilaw company, implemented on 1 September 2010, you are free to subscribe to your loan insurance with the insurer of your choice and can thus compete to opt for the best offer. By taking the time to compare offers, you’ll find insurance that will save you the total cost of your credit. Yoabank is a subsidiary of PNM Saritase. The trademark was created in 1953. Yoabank specializes in consumer credit. It is a reference for retail chains, banking organizations and insurance companies.

A broker for your loan buyback

By entrusting your needs to buy a loan to a broker and informing them of your financial situation, it will search for you the most advantageous offers that best meet your expectations. His strong network of financial partners and his strong experience allow him to negotiate the best contracts for his clients. By using a broker you will realize substantial savings on the cost of your loan buyback.

Compulsory insurance for a consumer credit?

You can negotiate loan insurance with your credit institution to save on your home loan insurance? The brokerage firm can calculate the rate of your credit insurance conso using its online loan insurance pricing tool to compare the contracts of major insurance companies.

Deal with unexpected expenses

Deal with unexpected expenses

Today, about a third of French households use a consumer loan to cover unexpected expenses, to finance the purchase of goods such as furniture, basic household appliances or finance studies…

Consumer credit gives some flexibility to the budget of individuals allowing them to make large and medium expenses to acquire goods, which they could not buy cash.



Make a cheaper real estate loan redemption online.



Alleviate debts with the repurchase of mortgage

Alleviate debts with the repurchase of mortgage

Regarding any application for real estate credit, the financial institution makes a point of honor to check first the level of indebtedness of the borrower. This level of indebtedness is defined by an average rate of 75%. And when you reach a threshold of excessive debt, it is wise to use a mortgage loan redemption to reduce its monthly payments.

Repurchase loans to reduce monthly payments

In case of accumulation of debts choking your budget and limit your spending to the daily, a real estate loan redemption will be very useful to rebalance your budget balance. The real estate loan buyback allows all individuals to pay their debts by grouping them into one and the same loan benefiting from lighter monthly payments, a lower interest rate and a longer repayment period.

Repayment facilitated with the repurchase of loan

Repayment facilitated with the repurchase of loan

The loan buyback, which can include any type of credit, therefore allows the borrower to improve its terms of repayment in order to regain a certain balance in its financial capabilities on a daily basis.

Loan purchase

The repurchase of real estate loan makes it possible to reunite the credits of a borrower, established at a single fixed rate on a new period of refunding. A loan agency buys your loans and especially your mortgages.

Get your mortgage at the lowest rate

To get the best buy back of real estate credit, you have to compare the offers. Whether you are buying a home equity loan or a real estate loan buyback with various credits, compare the rate, amount, duration and fees. Make the total of the monthly payments, the capital remaining due, the amount of your debts, the amount of free cash. You will thus have all the keys to check if a redemption credits is interesting, and if so, which one.

Purpose of repurchase of mortgage

Its assets are numerous:

  • A lower monthly payment
  • One and only organization
  • Easy management of your accounts

Best Offer Redeeming Real Estate Loan

Best Offer Redeeming Real Estate Loan

When you want to apply for a buy back of loans, do not hesitate to play the competition between several financial organizations in order to benefit from the best offer of redemption possible. Also, it is interesting to use a broker who will be able, thanks to his experience, to negotiate for you the most advantageous offer.

  • real estate buyout
  • mortgage repurchase
  • zero rate loan redemption
  • borrowing redemption simulation



What type of savings account can I start saving on?

Learn how saving is not difficult . Sometimes you just need to open a savings account to get closer to the dream of having that fund that allows you to study, travel, get together to buy your first apartment, etc.

For those who do not have financial experience, opening a savings account can raise different questions. In this note we teach you more about the subject and we give you the tips you need to know to choose among the best savings accounts .

What is a savings account?

What is a savings account?

These types of accounts are the best alternative to save money and are usually more flexible than a checking account where there is usually a collection of taxes for some transactions.

One of the benefits of savings accounts is that they help you get profitable. Unlike fixed-term savings accounts , simple savings accounts allow you to have your money available at any time.

What benefits does a savings account offer me?

What benefits does a savings account offer me?

Savings accounts allow you to earn interest for the money you have deposited in them and most of these types of accounts do not charge commissions. Many savings accounts can be opened from scratch soles .

How do I choose the best savings account for me?

How do I choose the best savings account for me?

In order to choose the best savings account it is important that you consider different factors. If you will not use it only to save and you will have the cash in them, the ideal is that you choose a savings account in a bank that has agencies, ATMs, etc. near you.

The best savings account for you may be the one that is most practical. Check that it allows you to make transactions online (if you are one of those who carry out this type of operations).

Also ask how many free-of-charge transactions you have with the type of savings account you have chosen . So you can decide on the one that best suits your needs.

How to open a savings account?

To open a savings account you must approach the bank of your interest with the original and the copy of your identity document. Sometimes a copy of the service receipt is also usually requested. The latter is requested when your address is not the same as that of your ID.

We recommend that before opening your savings account you review the information that the SBS provides. Thus a bank with fewer claims from customers is usually a better alternative.

Installment loans

Real estate credit insurance

Save on your mortgage insurance

Save on your mortgage insurance

The Furcem law, the Cogilaw Company system and the insurance code protect the rights of consumers in the area of ​​mortgage lending, you can today choose an individual loan insurance external to the lending institution to provide a bank credit: Simulate an offer comparative realistic Swiss credit insurance loan and join the insurance contract cheaper insurance broker of loan not expensive!

Insurance ready

Insurance ready

Founded in 1857, Swiss credit is the largest life insurance group in Switzerland. He is also a major player in life insurance in France, Germany and Luxembourg. Specialized in personal insurance, Swiss credit is the second largest private health insurer in France and the fourth largest in the retirement and provident insurance market. The group offers on its French site a complete range of solutions:

  • mutual health, life insurance,
  • savings, retirement, borrower
  • home insurance, auto, motorcycle.

Protect yourself with Swiss credit Loan Insurance

Benefit from the best guarantees with Swiss credit

Benefit from the best guarantees with Swiss credit

Since the implementation of the Cogilaw Company law in September 2010, borrowers have the choice of their loan insurance! It is indeed possible for you to choose your insurance contract from any insurer and thus opt for the offer that will present the best performing guarantees at the lowest rate.

Compare Loan Insurance: Swiss credit

The use of an online credit insurance comparator allows you to view many insurance offers to direct you to the formula that best meets your needs and expectations. By opting for the cheapest insurance offer, you will be able to save several thousand euros on the cost of your home loan compared to the bank’s offer.

Entrust the negotiation of your loan insurance to a broker! The broker insurance of loan not expensive can negotiate for you very advantageous conditions and save you a lot of money on your immo loan.

Equivalent company guarantees recognized by financial institutions

  • Dedicated management of your loan insurance
  • Current rate: compare other companies
  • Insurance for all borrowers

Act Cogilaw Company law to take advantage of the opening of the market

Free choice of your borrower insurance, bankers must now respect the right of borrowers:

  • Accept the delegation if the offer offers equivalent guarantees
  • Clearly state the reasons for the denial of external assurance
  • Do not change loan conditions increase rates or fees.

The Cogilaw Company law is for borrowers an important advantage for the negotiation of the loan insurance rate, the loan insurance market is experiencing a profound change and sees the arrival of new players and competition between all insurers.

Furcem Law: Break the insurance of the bank loan

Furcem Law: Break the insurance of the bank loan

  • Article Furcem Law Article “L312 1 2” prohibits “credit/insurance credit group sales” the mere mention of the law to a banker will encourage him to accept the proposed Swiss credit loan insurance delegation.

The bank can no longer impose a credit increase if you choose to insure your credit with an outside insurance company; it can even be penalized. “Borrower guarantee” solutions with Swiss credit Insurance. Conduct a study using the insurance calculator loan and subscribe to the contract that will ensure the coverage of the loan throughout its duration!

Swiss credit Loan Insurance Delegation

  1. Realize a realistic comparative simulation
  2. Receive an insurance offer
  3. Make a contractual offer with a consultant
  4. Join your contract during the day (under condition)

A lifetime loan in Hans Clint

A lifelong loan, despite the fact that this has been well known in the Anglo-Saxon countries for almost half a century, this has only been known in Hans Clint since 2006.

The system was legalized in the fall of 2007 when Parliament gave its approval with the amendment of Law 41/2007 to the Mortgage Law of 1981.

A lifelong loan is interesting for people who own a property with a large financial value but who have a shortage of financial resources.


What is a lifelong loan?

A lifelong loan is in fact a reverse mortgage, a “Hipoteca Inversa” in Spanish and it is a special loan for older people (+65 years). It allows owners to convert part of their property into money and the loan does not have to be paid back during their lifetime.

The borrower retains full ownership of the property and one can therefore continue to live there until one passes away. Once the two owners or the owner have died, the loan plus the interest must be repaid by either the sale of the property or the repayment. by the heirs. The loan can be taken out in its entirety or the loan can be paid in parts. The older one is, the greater the amount that can be paid out in full.

At no time does the borrower owe more money than the pledge is worth, even if the remaining debt is higher. This means that it is sufficient to leave the building at the time of death.


Who is eligible for a lifelong loan?

money loan

In Hans Clint, according to Law 41/2007, only persons older than 65 or persons in possession of a medical certificate are eligible for such a loan.



money loan

Financial turmoil on a global scale as we have recently experienced can ultimately lead to savings in pension spending by governments.

Only relying on a government pension is therefore a risky business because one cannot foresee the amount of his pension yet the age at which one can retire.

For example, the Spanish government has raised the retirement age to 67 and reduced the retirement amount. Moreover, the government has already announced that in the near future the retirement age will be increased again by three years and will therefore reach 70 years. It is in those situations that a lifelong loan can offer a solution.

  • One should not repay this loan during his life. Unlike a regular mortgage, there are no monthly repayments. If a couple chooses this form of loan, the loan must be paid back after both have died. It is therefore the heirs who are responsible for the repayment.
  • You can choose to receive the total amount in one go or you can opt for monthly payments or even for a combination of the two.
  • There are no restrictions on the withdrawal of the money. You can also use the money to make a big trip.
  • You yourself still your heirs can be held liable for a higher amount than contractually agreed. According to the law, the maximum loan can never be higher than the value of the property.
  • A lifelong loan provides financial security and the loan can supplement a state pension. Not everyone can afford to subscribe to a private pension plan.
  • A lifelong loan allows you to remain the owner of your home and you can continue to live there. According to the law, one cannot lose the property.
  • A lifelong loan does not depend on your status, there is no income requirement.
  • The older you are, the more you can borrow.
  • A lifelong loan is ideal for people without heirs or for people who have problems with their heirs.
  • You can even sell the property but you have to pay back the loan yourself.



money loan

The biggest problem is usually the heirs. Those who have to inherit from you are the most reluctant to have a lifelong loan. The reason is simple: a large part of the inheritance is provided for the repayment of the loan upon your death. In extreme cases, none of the legacy remains for them.

  • The biggest disadvantage is the interest charged. If it is very high, the heirs will inherit little or nothing.
  • With a lifelong loan you will always receive less money than with a normal mortgage, but you have to add another monthly charge there.
  • There must not be any other charges on the property. For example, if there is still a mortgage, the transaction will not be able to continue. Another problem may be that the mortgage has been paid off but that it has not been canceled on registration.
  • A person must be 65 years old to take out a lifelong loan and there is a good chance that this age will still be raised.
  • The younger one is (close to 65 years) the less one can borrow.
  • You have to pay from your own pocket for the valuation of your property, otherwise nobody will make the money available to you.
  • The maximum amount of the loan depends on the value of the property and your age. This amount is normally only a fraction of the total value of the home,
  • A lifelong loan is taken out at your permanent residence. One must therefore stay in this house the entire year. The logic behind this is that the borrower wants to keep the property in good condition. A home that is not inhabited does not remain in good condition.
  • Following the previous reason is that one can no longer rent.
  • If you have to leave the house for a long time, the loan may become due.
  • If you take out a lifetime loan, it is best to provide in the contract how to proceed with major maintenance costs and taxes.



money loan

Retiring nowadays is like playing a game in which a party regularly adjusts the rules. Governments now say that this is how it should be today, but tomorrow may be something else.

A lifelong loan can be a good option for you and your partner to have an extra income that allows you to live more comfortably once you have retired.

In any case, seek advice from a specialist.